Klaudia Dziwis

Klaudia Dziwis

A Little bit about Klaudia…

I was born on Dec 15th 1977 in Tarnowskie Gory, South of Poland.

I studied Environmental Engineering at Technical University in Opole and in 2002 I graduated with a Master of Science Degree.

Every summer between the years of my studies I was travelling to a little Island in north Germany-Fehmarn, where I started my adventure with the restaurant business. I was happy to work as a waitress in a busy restaurant helping me polish my German, develop customer care abilities, as well as  building up my confidence speaking other languages.

After graduating in Poland, I went to Boston, Massachusetts to taste the American dream :-).  I was studying English and living with a host family.  I was fortunate to meet and live with gorgeous people, who were of Irish origin. I had no idea yet where life would take me, but here, I was reading Irish literature in University, living among Irish descendants in one of the most Irish cities in the USA, not to mention being in love with U2 for many years already…

I travelled through the East and West coast during my time in USA, and I knew there was no way to stop me from continuing my travels.  I returned to Europe after over a year and applied for work on the fleet of Princess Cruises, within the Restaurant Department. It was hard work, but very rewarding.  I started as a stewardess/waitress, but was promoted to receptionist / host very quickly reaching the F&B Supervisor position a little while after that.

I came to Dublin for a week of holidays in 2007, and received such a warm welcome and joyful attitude so strong, that it made me quit the ships life for a life on a land…

I heard good things about Peploe’s before, so I tried my luck and came for an interview. Three more meetings later I was accepted in this lovely team and ten years later, I am still here.

I must admit, if I wasn’t working here, I would be visiting this place constantly –for food or a glass of vino by the bar.  We have a special bond not only between us, but also with many regular customers, that we care for genuinely. There is this lovely atmosphere in Peploe’s, that I hope everyone who enters the doors can feel, and then it is complemented with fresh food and delicious wines.

Our Address

16 St. Stephens Green,Dublin 2,
D02 KF34
Dublin, Ireland


Opening Hours

Lunch                                           12.00pm – 6:15pm

Dinner                                                 5.30pm till late

Closed for lunch on Bank Holidays


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