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Peploe's Memories

We celebrated our 12th birthday on November 19th 2015.

We asked customers to share their particular memories and stories of birthday celebrations in Peploe’s

People were brilliant with what they sent us so with their permission we decided to create this little memory page, we hope you enjoy our guests stories as much as we did!!

FrancesI have a fabulous memory of Peploes as it’s where my husband proposed to me on Saturday 22nd February 2014.  He had booked dinner for us there (I’d been several times before and loved the food) and he quietly popped the question out of the blue after dessert! I was very shocked, but even more so when I discovered he had booked us in to a room at the Fitzwilliam for the night after Peploe’s.  He had already checked us in earlier that day and had left champagne and flowers there for me.  I have a picture of me attached which he took to send to our family to share our news, after he properly got down on one knee and after the tears etc!  All in all it was a wonderful night and the staff in Peploe’s were so lovely, we had some lovely celebratory champers and left in a daze! We got married in September just gone and every time I pass Peploe’s I smile at the memory of that night

Amanda FaganEnjoying my mum and husbands birthdays. Really love this restaurant . One of our favourites!! See u in a few weeks for our girls Xmas day out!!”

I had my last Birthday in Peploes, (May) it also coincided with my last day in a job I loved but needed to move on from (after 11 years!) so where else could I choose for a special Luncheon celebration but Peploes!! as always the food was amazing .. and the wine.. and the care from the staff!! and of course Christmas in Peploes is just around the corner – always a special date in  the diary!”

We really enjoyed our 46th Wedding anniversary with you on Sunday October 11th, and have some nice pictures.  I am attaching a couple for you! We missed the last bus back to the ship though and had a very long walk through the dockyard!  Happy days!  Best wishes, and hope to see you again one day.”
Trevor and Marion

I took my Girlfriend Louise on one of our first dates to Peploe’s to celebrate her Birthday.  Peploe’s is her favourite restaurant! We are now engaged and getting married on Friday 4th December in just over 2 weeks time!  What a wonderful start to our Marriage would be to bring her back to Peploe’s to celebrate us being a Happily Married Couple!”

DSC_0909I would like to share our first, but not our last, Peploe’s memory with you…. Myself and my Partner came over to Dublin for 24 hours of fun in August, I had made a packed itinerary, with Peploe’s being the last on the list, the icing on the cake shall we say. We were blown away by the setting, standard of service, quality of food and the extensive wine list. Peploe’s really topped off an amazing trip, and we are currently planning to return early next year, and definitely to return to Peploe’s! Dublin is fantastic, and Peploe’s is a Real gem in this great city. Can’t wait to return!”
Rob & Kate

Happy birthday Peploe’s! Six years ago at the end of this month, I went on a first date in your lovely restaurant. The food was superb and the service even better, which no doubt helped the success of the evening. Six years on, we’re married, welcomed a beautiful baby boy earlier this year and went into business together. To think it all started in Peploe’s!”

TwitterHappy Birthday, Order the pancakes and bellinis for your bday brunch like me!”  #peploesbirthday

My fiancé and I both love Peploe’s! It’s our favourite restaurant in Dublin.  Before we started going out I had never been so it was where we went on one of our first dates a number of years ago. He was so keen that I experience the restaurant he has loved for many years. Ever since then we have celebrated his birthday with you in April every year and his family have also joined us. We have also been for a number of other celebrations including those with my own family – they are now also big fans of Peploe’s! I know exactly what he will order as a starter – the kidneys! and usually I can take a guess at the main course he will order too. We are consistently happy with the excellent service and the high standard and quality of the dishes created in your restaurant.  I would love to win the Celebration Gift with Champagne as we have a gift of a voucher for your restaurant and this would be fantastic to put with it and make it a real extended celebration of our recent engagement!  Fingers crossed!”

We are going tomorrow night for my husbands birthday! We go every year for his birthday (tomw) and again in December for my birthday.  It’s my favourite part of Christmas !!!!

champagneMy birthday falls on 12th February and I had a very memorable birthday a few years ago in Peploe’s.  My friends treated me to a birthday dinner and champagne was flowing all evening.  I remember thinking at the time that if all my birthdays could be celebrated like this, one could wish their life away. The food was amazing, not a crumb left on the plate, each course was delicious and we even made room for desert.  I chose a chocolate themed desert of course being a chocolate and champagne lover.  Most of all about the evening I remember is the warmth, food, lovely surroundings were all fabulous. Happy 12th Birthday and keep the Champagne corks popping

birthday cakeOn our first date following the birth of our first child several months before in 2009, my husband and I decided we’d like to go to our favourite restaurant – Peploe’s.  On a cold winters night the descent from Stephens Green into the warmth of the reception area and bar was most welcome. Following a an equally warm greeting from the reception staff we sat at the bar and wasted no time ordering some pre-prandial drinks while we carefully perused the menu. Only a very busy December night we were then invited to our table in a a lovely quiet nook not far from the bar. On welcoming us our waitress advised us that no less than Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, then only recently an item, had sat at the same table the night before! Naturally we were impressed and somewhat flattered to be following two movie stars and my husband decided our wine would have to be Spanish. He proceeded to advise me that he’d had a crush on Penelope Cruz since she starred with Javier Bardem in the 1992 cult movie ‘Jamon Jamon’. Needless to say I wasn’t to concerned that he’d prise her from the gorgeous and talented Javier.  We had a wonderful meal (as always do in Peploe’s), and it was a truly memorable one.  Happy Birthday Peploe’s and here’s to many more

DeborahMy name is Deborah Horan and I was born on 18th February 1948 which makes me 67 now………….!!  The winter of 1948 was very severe and there was every possibility my mother wouldn’t get to the hospital due to the roads being blocked with snow and ice. So I was born at home and the local mid-wife attended (she had to walk 3 miles from the local village due to the heavy snowfall). I was told my mum cried when she realised she’d given birth to a girl and we had a special relationship over the years – sadly my mum passed away in 2003.The same day as I was born, my father took delivery of our AGA Cooker and that AGA is still going strong to this day…….!! Question is: who will last longer…………….me or the AGA Cooker ???  I’m going for lunch to Peploe’s on Dec 12th and look forward to enjoying your delicious food. I hope I’m lucky enough to win the Celebration Gift and Bottle of Champagne as it would be “the icing on the cake” so to speak!!! I attach a photo taken on holidays last year.”

Nicolas SisterMy sister celebrated her 30th there in January and to say I was excited is an understatement!!! Food is AMAZING and you were very accommodating by letting me bring along her birthday cake that I made and even cut it up for me- grateful!! Would love to share your birthday with you

Pam KarlQuick Peploe’s story for you.  It was my girlfriend birthday on the 26th June this year and I wanted to do something special so I rang Peoples and got through to a very helpful lady who organised everything for me, we decided to walk through St. Stephens green on route to lunch. We took in the sunshine and I asked her to marry me, I borrowed her mother’s engagement ring to make it more special. She said yes and after a big hug and several phone calls we made it to Peoples where our hostess (already in on the plan) congratulated us and gave us a fantastic table. We had a lovely lunch finished off with a desert with a special message from the chef.  What a great birthday / engagement memory thanks to the Peploes team. Enjoy your birthday
Karl & Pam

Happy birthday Peploe’s…, it’s my own birthday this weekend, and every year for the past ten years myself and my husband come to Peploe’s to celebrate. Then we head off for some xmas shopping, love it. See you guys this weekend.”

Shane & Aisling_ThumbnailHere is my favourite memory of Peploe’s:  It was a raining miserable night, of course I was too macho to be bothering with an umbrella. The dinner was with an old friend Aisling who I hadn’t met since our days working together in Eircom. We arrived at the same time, me dripping wet her dry as a bone and laughing. I hadn’t changed a bit. After being kindly given a welcoming grin & towel by the maitre d’ we were escorted to our table. We re-connected over the Scallops & Beetroot salad entrées, she told me her travel stories, I tried to dress up my hum drum DIY stories (having bought a house instead).
I can still taste beef steak seasoned with garlic and lemon, baked potato with butter, whilst looking at a beautiful girl. I remember thinking there’s no here else I’d rather be. We live together in that house now. But I’m glad to say that Peploe’s had Margaret Butlerno small hand to play! Thanks

Celebrated a perfect birthday in Peploe’s 3 weeks ago. We always go there for special occasions it’s our favourite restaurant.”
Mags & Michael

MichaelCongratulations on your birthday Peploe’s!! Peploe’s is mine and my husbands favourite restaurant in Dublin, we don’t get to go as often as we’d like but its always the first place we book for a special occasion.  The photos ‘Ive attached are 2 I took from Michaels birthday there this year in July, He was so happy because he ended up with 2 deserts!! This year is an extra special year for us, we are expecting our first baby at the end of December, we would love so much to get in for a pre baby celebratory meal before Christmas.  The staff and food in Peploe’s are the best in Dublin in our opinion and we wish you many more years of success.  Regards
Emma & Michael 

SuthandaHere are a few photos of one of many birthday parties my family have had in your lovely restaurant.  The lady pictured is Suthanda. She is a real foodie and is very fussy about her food. Thankfully she has always enjoyed your food and the whole experience that is Peploe’s.  Thank you.”

Hope all is well in Peploe’s land? Just wanted to share our Peploe experience which was last November for our sons graduation. We had 15 people at the meal from 11 years up to God knows what age and everyone enjoyed both the meal and the staff hospitality. My sister was particularly taken with the crab tortellini which I have since ordered myself on the last two visits to Peploes! It is a tribute to both the front of house staff and the chef/catering staff that the atmosphere created is relaxed and the food is so nice. We have since had friends from London and Belfast at the restaurant and we feel like we work for Peploe’s as we tell them what to order!!! Just keep up the good work!!


Congratulations to Amanda Fagan drawn as the winner of our Celebration Gift with Champagne, thanks again to everyone for taking part and sharing their memories with us…

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