5 Things we bet you never knew about Valentines Day

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5 Things we bet you never knew about Valentines Day

The sceptics might say it’s just another Hallmark occasion,  but in actual fact there is some depth to Valentines Day.

We’ve done our research and are here to defend the day with 5 things you might never have known about Valentines!

  1. Long before St Valentines Day became the celebration it is today, it was associated as the time of year when birdies chose their mates!  Read more here…
  2. 3% of pet owners will give a Valentines gift to their pets!  If it says it on the web it must be true, take a look here…
  3. Valentine was a man who did exist, he in support of his Christian faith performed marriage ceremonies against the command of the Emperor.  Valentine was eventually caught, imprisoned and tortured for his actions, read more about his story here…
  4. In 1836 John Spratt an esteemed Irish preacher received a token of the remains of Saint Valentine from Pope Gregory XVI (1831-1846) in recognition of his work in Dublin, odd gift one might think but read more here to get the full story…
  5. Here’s a grand Connemara pickup line if you’re stuck for inspiration on your Valentines Card  B’fhearr liom thú nó céad bó bhainne! – I prefer you to a hundred milk cows! More ideas here…

And finally of course no point pretending hallmark don’t make a few quid on the day and have been since 1913  read more here…

When all is said and done, its nice to have a calendar day for couples to make much of each other, take time out from busy schedules and just be together.

We are offering our tailored Valentines menu for one night only, hope to see you in Peploe’s!

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